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Articles & Tips

- Great insights for your maui roadtrip


Here you'll find tips, tricks and advice for getting the most out of your motorhome adventure around Australia.

3 Oct 2017


What to pack for a hike

No matter what walk you choose, it pays to have the right equipment. Weather conditions can change at any time so to avoid getting into any sticky situations you need to be prepared. Check out our list of 'must brings'!

5 Sep 2017


9 reasons to visit the Margaret River

Get your taste buds tingling with freshly caught seafood, feast on farm fresh produce, drink wine while standing in the vineyard that produced it and devour as much cheese as your stomach can handle.

Stimulate your senses as you stand in a field of wildflowers with their delicate smell surrounding you, walk through the markets and have sensory overload as food cooks around you and people bustle about their business, or take a moment to enjoy the smell of the Australian summer – a mixture of warmth, eucalyptus, barbecues and salt air with a floral hint of frangipani. 

If that isn't enough to entice you, how about a visual indulgence as you explore perfect beaches, stretching along the Western Australia Coast or check out one of the many local art-galleries and perhaps take a masterpiece home with you as a sweet memento from your time away?

There's no limit to the number of ways you can indulge in the Margaret River, so here's nine things you must do while visiting the region: 

23 Aug 2017


maui Day in the Life

By maui motorhomes team

We all have days we dream about, and then days we actually experience. A maui holiday brings these two together.

Imagine your own diary accounts as you read our “day in the life” encounters, they demonstrate that a maui holiday can be pretty much anything you want it to be.

These activities are put together from fragments of real trips so we hope they resonate and trigger your own ideas. Dream on, dream up and get yours underway.

28 Jul 2017


Australian winery havens

Treat yourself to a tipple and know you don't have to drive to the next vineyard or home again, with one of our maui Winery Haven stays. Wake up the next morning, enjoy a delicious breakfast amongst the vines and either meander on to the next vineyard or explore the region further.

12 Jul 2017


Best winter road trip activities

The grass seems greener, the air seems sharper and cleaner and your taste buds go into overdrive while nature puts on a show of stark beauty. You come alive to bracing walks, the patter of rain and wood smoke on the wind as you run laughing for shelter and have never felt so close to your travelling companions.

Winter is the perfect time to beat the crowds and lose yourself in all the special experiences that a maui holiday can give you.

Here are a few of our favourites but why not let us know a couple of yours?

28 Apr 2016


What to pack for a winter road trip

It's almost time for your camper holiday, and in-between securing your motorhome hire, and telling your family about your upcoming adventures, you realise you don't want to leave out any winter road trip essentials.

Worry not. We've assembled the perfect list of items you need in your campervan while you're away! 

4 Feb 2016


10 of our favourite Valentine's Day couples

​This Valentines Day we are celebrating love with our 10 perfect Instagram couples. Whether it's embracing the love of their family or the love of each other we think these 10 couples embody the maui spirit! 

7 Dec 2015


Do the Whitsundays

The Whitsundays is one of those places surrounded in folklore and cloaked in intrigue. Fables tell of impossibly white sand, crystal clear water, bountiful fresh seafood and cloudless days. Well to be honest it's all true, the Whitsundays really is filled with impossibly white sand, crystal clear water, bountiful fresh seafood and cloudless days! So how to make the most of the incredible region? You can do some serious exploring of the Whitsundays in a maui motorhome, of course!

8 Oct 2015


Top Farmers’ Markets on Australia’s East Coast

For a lot of people, spring is about airing out the old, recharging the batteries and reconnecting with nature. Whether it's giving your house a good spring clean, going on long walks to clear your mind or eating healthy, locally-sourced produce, now is the time to hire a maui motorhome and head up Australia's glorious east coast – home to some of the best beaches, best walks and best farmers' markets this country has to offer.

27 Aug 2015


The kids have left home, now what?

The kids have packed their bags and headed out into the big brave world on their own! Perhaps it feels a little like it's just the two of you rattling around in that big old house? Or maybe you are celebrating, embracing life with just the two of you (let's face it, it's probably been awhile!) and planning your next adventure! 

Forget about the kids, blow their inheritance on amazing experiences and start living your lives, the way you want. On the road!